Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dyffryn Ardudwy Burial Chamber

Gwynedd, Wales.
Easily accessible from the village of Dyffryn Ardudwy, a very public site.
On a bed of white boulders, two well preserved chambers 28ft apart. 


Nearest Town: Barmouth
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Bedd Gorfal Stone Circle (Harlech Circle)

Gwynedd, Wales
Classed as a cairn circle. The site is situated near an ancient trackway the site over looks Tremadog Bay. The circle is quite small only around 12ft with the largest stone 3ft in height. I found 8 stones, 5 easily visible & 3 very low to the earth.
Bedd Gorfal
 Looking east from Bedd Gorfal

 The eight visible stones travelling clockwise

Nearest Town: Harlech
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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bryn Cader Faner Ring Cairn

Gwynedd, Wales.
Despite extensive damage to the stones both by treasure-hunters of the last century & soldiers during World War II. Fifteen stones remain of the original thirty, each standing about 6 feet, & lean outward in such a way that from a distance, it looks like a crown of thorns.
The long distance view, it can get very boggy around here.

Nearest Town: Porthmadog
Map Ref: SH648353

Bryn Seward Stone Row

Gwynedd, Wales.
The OS map indicates 4 stones in the row, only two are highly visible & with the amount of debris from the nearby wall it is difficult to distinguish which these could be.
It's a wonderful walk, a tough start with an uphill climb from Llwyngwril, the rest is quite flat all the sites are accessible. There is a steep downword trot with a bit of searching you can also find the Arthog stones.

Stone Row

 First Upright Stone approx. 2m high

 2nd Upright stone as you head East approx. 2m high.

Nearest Town: Barmouth
Map Ref: SH62631175

Cerrig Arthur Stone Circle

Gwynedd, Wales
Stone circle 12m diameter. Located within well preserved field system.
The three largest stones at Cerrig Arthur are part of some sort of megalithic construction in the centre of the circle. Not many stones remain and some are very low and almost buried.
 Circle Centre

Panoramic View

Nearest Town: Barmouth
Map Ref: SH631188

Rhos Hafotty Carneddau Standing Stones

Gwynedd, Wales 
Not far from Carreg Y Big just off the Fford Du, are 2 Stones [with maybe an additional one, 3 are marked on maps]. Rhos Hafotty stones comprise a semi-recumbent stone at SH66591364, measuring 1.4 meters in length, 0.4 meters in width and 0.2 meters in thickness.
The second stone at SH66421363, measures 0.9 meters in height, 1.0 meters in width and 0.4 meters in thickness. This stone stands by an old track on the edge of marshy ground, not far from the source of a stream.

 Stone 1

 Stone 2

 Stone 3 is a possible standing stone.

Nearest Town: Barmouth
Map Ref: SH66421363

Carneddau Hengwm Long Cairns

Gwynedd, Wales.
In the hills above the Merioneth Coast two long cairns stand to the north and south, both of which have been badly damaged. The northern cairn which is more ruinous is the smaller and has 2 burial chambers and a large capstone at the western end. 
The southern cairn is much larger and better preserved. In the centre is a collapsed Portal Dolmen with a dry-stone wall passage leading in from the north.
 Ariel View Courtesy of Coflein

 North Cairn

 South Cairn

 South Cairn behind Stone wall 
Nearest Village: Llanaber
Map Ref: SH614205